Anastasia Bolshakova

Head of Transport & Logistics

Anastasia has been practicing law for over 20 years. She worked both as a consultant and as an inhouse lawyer. For six years, she held senior positions in large retail companies specializing in the Duty Free segment, and for two years, Anastasia headed the legal department of the largest transport and logistics company in Russia.

She has extensive experience in solving complex and unusual legal problems: she supported during the acquisition of large assets and supported supply chains in accordance with highly specialized legislation.

In addition, Anastasia has extensive experience in supporting contractual work, including those related to contracts that require special approach. Numerous times she participated in the process of legal function modification.

Anastasia graduated one of the oldest universities Russia with unique expertise in land law issues – State University in the field of Jurisprudence. She also has additional education at the HSE University in 2020-2021 under the program “Executive Master of Management in Law” Director of Legal Services: Leadership and Operational Efficiency in industry 4.0″; “Head of Internal Control Service.”

Provided operational and contractual work support, corporate support, interacted with authorities, worked with judicial claims, supported transactions for financing and acquisition of assets in a service center mode with the team of 70+ people and clients in three time zones (MSK, Siberia, Far East). She operated for more than 50 companies with a turnover of 100+ billion rubles.