Andrey Klopotovskiy

Head of Business Development & Analysis

Andrey has over 15 years of experience in transport and logistics since he headed the economics and planning service in the largest logistics company in Russia.

He launched and for more than five years headed a service company with more than one thousand employees, in which all accompanying business functions in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan were consolidated (document flow, accounting, treasury, personnel services, economics and planning, legal services, IT support, procurement and supply support, etc.)

Has extensive experience in project activities in transforming processes, functions, carrying out organizational changes and implementing information systems. Under his leadership, more than 100+ large projects in the transport and logistics sector were implemented.

Andrey regularly speaks and shares his experience at conferences CFO Russia, MSB Events, Vedomosti, CNews, Far Eastern Legal Forum, Pacific Legal Forum. Repeatedly became the best speaker according to conference participants. He is an active member of the Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP Russian Chapter).

Organization of outsourcing of supporting functions of 52 legal entities with a turnover of more than 100 billion rubles in two countries.
Creation of a unified digital platform with a unified document flow system, accounting, management and tax accounting, as well as with a self-service HR system, a unified procurement and supply management system, budget limits and treasury, a unified system for budget consolidation and management reporting.
Reorganization and integration into a single organizational structure of HR administration service, legal service, IT department, operational units and other departments with personnel ranged from 20 to 200 people.
Implementation of information systems for management of commercial and operational processes of logistics and transport companies in the Russia and CIS.

If you don’t know how to fight, then should be able to negotiate. As a child, I never fought. I always found an opportunity to come solve the problem with my verbal skills. A few years ago I decided that I needed to “catch up” on lost time and started boxing. Today I train 2 times a week. It really helps to switch.

If you had to keep only one app on your phone, what would it be? Messenger. There is both work and personal communication.

I remember my very first day at work. My supervisor assigned me to make a copy of a book on shipping economics of 561 pages. I still keep this book. Now I remember and smile, but I never do this myself with young specialists.

What do you remember when you think “I can’t believe I did this”? Paragliding from a mountain over 3 thousand meters to the coast… A fantastic unforgettable experience.

Are people evil or good by nature? I think that by nature all people are kind and friendly. But under the influence of circumstances and environment, they can change. I believe in people!

People change? Yes! Either people change, or someone changes people… (overheard from cool HR specialists).

If you had enough money to stop working, what would you do tomorrow? I would finish my dissertation and became a professor at a university.