Artyom Evseev

Head of IP, IT and Information Protection

Artyom heads the intellectual property, IT and information protection practice of Savina Legal.

Artyom’s track record includes preparation of turnkey solutions to ensure full compliance in the field of personal data, provision of services as an external Data Protection Officer, development of internal documentation for personal data operators, advice to international groups of companies on adapting information processes to the requirements of the legislation on personal data, conduction of compliance training for clients.

He has a number of large projects in the digital field, such as the launch of IoT products (smart home systems, automated industrial solutions) onto the Russian market, as well as the launch of Russia’s first service for the partial de-anonymization of cryptocurrency transactions and crypto wallets.

Artyom is an active speaker at popular legal events, such as the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, Pravo.ru. He is a member of the scientific advisory council at the Intellectual Rights Court, conducts trainings for lawyers of in-house departments. Artyom is a regular author in Russian legal magazines.

Legal support for the launch of new online platforms for one of the world's largest multi-brand holdings of electronics and search devices.
Advice for a large international telecommunications company: development of operating rules for an online shop, privacy policy, mobile application, terms of sale of goods and other documents necessary for the launch, as well as registration and subsequent protection of intellectual property in Russia.
Protecting the interests of a client in Rospatent in a case challenging the client’s trademarks. The client is a large IT startup in the field of electronic payments .
Provided legal support for the registration of trademarks in the EU for a company producing packaging containers: developed a response to opposition directed against the registration of a trademark in the patent office of the European Union.
Personal data compliance in relation to medical devices with synchronization functionality with a cloud service.
Legal support for the launch of a «smart home» platform based on the Internet of Things (IoT) model of a leading Chinese household appliances and electronics holding company.
Conducting a personal data audit in a leading European pharmaceutical company and prepared a plan for the establishment of personal data processing processes, drafted a set of documentation regulating personal data issues and cross-border transfer of personal data.

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