Iskander Vyalshin

Paralegal in Dispute Resolution Practice

Iskander is a paralegal at Savina Legal’s dispute resolution practice.

He is primarily involved in the preparation of procedural positions in disputes in the transport and logistics sphere, including the preparation of procedural documents within the framework of dispute resolution in international commercial arbitration and contract disputes.

Many times he has participated in the resolution of disputes related to the loss of cargo during transportation, prepared relevant documents for the recovery of losses, and participated in cases of bringing to subsidiary liability within the framework of bankruptcy.

Iskander is studying Jurisprudence at the HSE University (bachelor’s degree).

Resolution of numerous disputes related to the loss of cargo during sea transportation.
Recovery of future losses associated with the loss of cargo in the seaport in the amount of over 70 million rubles. The dispute is complicated by the chain of cargo transfer between 7 persons, including foreign companies, between which there are also legal disputes in which the Client acted as a third party who does not make independent claims.
Resolution of a dispute related to holding the Client liable for improper fulfillment of an obligation, which resulted the impossibility of implementing the project for the construction of a grain terminal in the seaport.
Resolution of a dispute related to the defendant’s improper fulfillment of obligations to perform contract work in a seaport with 100 million rubles loss.
Protection of Clients from being brought to subsidiary liability in bankruptcy cases. Representation of the Client in a bankruptcy dispute complicated by a foreign element.

I dreamed of becoming an attorney when I was a child.

A story from my life – in school I liked to argue with the teacher, and then my mother told me about attorneys at law, and I found out that they also get paid for arguing.

Do you check the expiration date of food before you buy it?

If you want to be sure of quality, prepare the food yourself. By the way, I prefer pasta.

Are people evil or good by nature?

The entire legal community is waiting for the Plenum on this matter, then it will become clear.

We are always looking to the future or looking for something in the past.

I would say that we are looking for something in the future, striving for the past. By the past, I mean the knowledge accumulated by humanity, which has formed the tools for searching for a hitherto hidden answer in the coming time.

What is the likelihood of becoming successful in the highly competitive legal market?

Having talked with a large number of practicing lawyers, it becomes clear that it is too early for the Russian legal market to ask this question because of shortage of qualified lawyers. Many people are switching to the “grow yourself” format.