International Arbitration and Litigation

One of the key areas of expertise of Savina Legal is resolution of complex politically and commercially sensitive disputes. Our lawyers represented private persons, corporate clients and governments in a range of large-scale international court proceedings.

We help our clients in choosing foreign legal counsels and managing their work, gathering evidence, coordinating the activity of other parties to the legal processes abroad (detectives, experts etc.). If necessary, we coordinate the foreign legal work with the processes in Russia. In cooperation with foreign lawyers, we find efficient remedies for our clients.

We use various methods of dispute resolution: represent clients in international and domestic arbitration proceedings in Russia and abroad, conduct cases in Russian courts of all levels and in all regions, manage court proceedings outside Russia, provide expert reports on the matters of Russian law, manage various types of research, help search assets and recover debts around the world.

What we offer
Independent assessment of the case’s prospects and the parties’ legal cases
Developing a defense strategy, drafting contractual provisions regarding dispute resolution method
Evidence: search and documentation in Russia and abroad
Representing clients in arbitration tribunals
Advice on the drafting of arbitration clauses
Injunctive relief in support of arbitration or foreign litigation
Enforcement proceedings
Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards