Business Development & Analysis

The external environment is changing quickly and dramatically, so businesses must quickly adapt to them. A well-built business process management system ensures the most effective business management and prompt implementation of changes caused by external and internal factors.

Regular audit of business processes identifies operations that reduce business profitability, whereas timely analysis and adjustment of production chains help the company minimize losses and grow even in the presence of unfavorable external factors.

Experts of Savina Legal help companies both timely identify sources of losses and take actions to level them out, as well as improve the efficiency of internal operations. Our analysts develop effective approaches to problem processes management, create the list of recommendations for their adjustment, implement changes and conduct management training. Savina Legal’s lawyers, economists and anti-crisis managers make it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of business processes up to 360 degrees.

What we offer
Work with processes (formalized description of business processes; analysis and identification of losses; development of recommendations for changing processes; development of a system of indicators for organizational processes)
Working with risks (identifying risks in the organization’s processes; developing approaches to risk management in the organization’s processes)
Working with teams (training management to work with a business process management system; conducting brainstorming sessions and strategic sessions on changing processes in the organization)
Implementation of changes (implementation of organizational changes (project management); support of the implementation of information systems during organizational changes)
Economics and planning (setting up management reporting; setting up budgeting and forecasting processes)