Debt Restructuring

Debt restructuring is a necessary measure helping stabilise a company’s financial position and buy some time for making operational changes and improving the business performance in new realities.

In reliance on our experience, we offer a package of anti-crisis services which will help go through the period of global economic turbulence with minimum damages, efficiently restructure debts and sell non-core assets on favourable terms for the client.

We professionally arrange the restructuring, know what strategies are applicable in various situations, how procedures of creditors operate, what is required of the borrower and how to find and realise the most optimal solution.

We play the role of a mediator or intermediary in the negotiations between the creditors and borrowers. We can speak the language of both bankers and businessmen. We understand the needs of both sides, which significantly improves the efficiency of the negotiation process. We cooperate with numerous banks, thus we can offer you the best terms of debt restructuring.

Concurrently with the process of debt restructuring, we develop a package of preventive measures in case of bankruptcy.

What we offer
Developing the business plan and financial model
Developing the restructuring proposal
Assisting in negotiations with the creditor
Developing the legal structure of restructuring
Assisting in subsequent procedures