Distressed Asset Management

Our company has the relevant experience and resources for conducting financial investigations, searching for debtors’ assets and property around the world, as well as for subsequently challenging the transactions in courts, obtaining injunctive reliefs, recognising and enforcing foreign judgments, conducting bankruptcy procedures and comprehensively managing distressed assets with an option to finance such procedures.

We engage foreign law firms to the process of searching and identifying assets of debtors and unreliable business partners.

We cooperate with Gateley Legal (UK) and Arnall Golder Gregory  (USA).

The team of our lawyers on numerous occasions helped our clients investigate wrongdoings, identify any related risks, develop and implement fraud prevention systems, and counteract to concealment of assets.

We customise our team of specialists from various practices, and also engage independent, including international experts, for each project so that we can efficiently use a comprehensive approach to problem solving.

What we offer
Asset search
Asset freezing
Asset recovery
Anti-crisis asset management