Information and Personal Data Protection

Savina Legal associates provide comprehensive support to controllers and processors of personal data both in the Russian market and in international projects. Taking into account the specifics and needs of each client, we develop complex solutions to ensure full compliance with personal data legislation, as well as prepare internal documentation and advise international business groups on adapting information processes to the requirements of the Federal Law “On Personal Data”. The Information and Personal Data Protection practice team includes recognized experts who have implemented many projects of varying complexity for international and Russian companies.

What we offer
Conducting a comprehensive audit of the company's personal data processing operations
Reviewing documents in order to ensure compliance with legislation, including local acts of companies, internal policies, agreements with employees, clients, counterparties, etc
Filing notifications and amendments to Roskomnadzor's register of personal data controllers
Preparing and submitting notifications and accompanying documents to Roskomnadzor for cross-border transfers of personal data
Conducting offsite compliance trainings on personal data protection
Drafting a full set of documents in order to secure compliance of the company's personal data processing activities with the legislation, including consent forms for processing, transfer and disclosure of personal data, as well as local acts in the field of personal data, privacy policies
Legal advice on personal data processing matters
Assisting companies as external data protection officers (DPOs)
Supporting Roskomnadzor inspections, invalidating Roskomnadzor acts