Private Client Service

We help high net worth individuals and their families in the matters of defense, management and transfer of capital, and assume all responsibilities for providing legal support to their assets globally.

We secure the legal safety of the beneficiary’s personal and business assets, lower the tax burden, resolve personal tax matters, remove legal complexities arising in the process of creation and development of the client’s business.

The comprehensive approach to asset structuring with the involvement of Savina Legal’s experts facilitates the following:

– 20% to 45% reduction in tax costs in chain order from the operating activity to the beneficiary.
– Creation of maximum efficient financial and legal schemes for any type of business and projects.
– Protection of beneficiary’s personal assets.
– If necessary, we help “distance” oneself from some of the assets and demonstrate only the property the owner is willing to demonstrate.
– Saving the most valuable resource – the client’s time.

What we offer
Developing the asset ownership strategy, modelling the legal structure and choosing the most optimal jurisdictions
Structuring the financial flows and transferring assets to a new structure, mitigating the risks arising at ‘repackaging’ of business, including if there are creditor’s claims.
Registering the legal structure (companies, trusts, funds, bank and brokerage accounts, creating the substance of any complexity etc.) and its turnkey support
Drafting corporate documents, shareholder agreements, escrow agreements, other documents regulating the structure and financial flows
Inheritance planning, inheritance modelling, creating structures for transfer of inheritance without a tax burden, making of wills
Assisting in transactions for purchase of personal property abroad (real estate, sea vessels and aircrafts etc.)
Obtaining tax residency/citizenship for the beneficiary or his/her family members, choosing the residency depending on business objectives
Securitisation of assets, creating risk-sharing instruments. Package transactions with promissory notes and bearer shares