Support to bankruptcy procedures is one of the key lines of our business. We have the resources and experience for efficient support to projects in this sphere.

Our specialists represent creditors and debtors at all stages of bankruptcy procedures, provide full range of services necessary for efficient client advocacy.

In bankruptcy disputes, our experts successfully represented beneficiaries and members of the board of directors of insolvent companies, major production, commercial and trade organisations, construction and industrial companies, as well as lending institutions.

When supporting projects in this area, we invite specialists in tax, corporate and criminal law, professional auditors, auctioneers, appraisers and real estate experts to join our project team. This enables us to provide comprehensive legal assistance in all matters arising during the bankruptcy procedures.

What we offer
Identifying and mitigating any potential risks in the upcoming insolvency procedure
Developing and implementing the most efficient strategies of bankruptcy procedures
Comprehensive support to bankruptcy procedures at all stages, including insolvency management
Defending, or imposing subsidiary liability on controlling persons
Protecting/searching/recovering of debtor’s assets, including debt recovery and challenging of transactions
Legal support to the client in cross-border bankruptcy